Leadwork is one of our specialities. It’s a craft that not all roofers are able to conquer and can look ugly when it’s not correctly undertaken. Lead is, without doubt, a valuable weather protection for many traditional roofs and has been used for centuries as a building material with a long life span so water resistant in fact the Roman Baths in Bath are lined with it to keep water from leaking.

It’s extremely malleable and soft, making it perfect for moulding to fit the complicated shapes of some roofs. When used properly and applied skilfully, the results can last for 100 years!

In addition to looking good, this is a great cost saving exercise. Lead has been used for roofing, cladding and other rain water goods such as hoppers and guttering since Roman times. Lead has excellent flexibility, durability and aesthetic features. Our craftsmen use skills and methods to manipulate the lead, many of which haven’t changed for thousands of years.

Advantages of Leadwork

  • Lead flashing is great for long-term water damage prevention and acts as an excellent barrier.
  • It’s a particularly durable material that is resistant to many of the elements as well as certain levels of potential corrosion. 
  • Lead can be shaped and fashioned into whichever form is required by the project or size and shape of the roof.