Solar panels are the engine behind generating clean electricity for your home, business or community, so choosing the right solar panel for your project is a critical decision. There is, however, a lot to consider! We’re often asked “what’s the best solar panel?” but there’s no simple answer to that question as there’s so many different criteria by which a panel could be judged.

Solar panel efficiency, brand, reliability, price, appearance and warranties can all be considered important. It’s a bit like asking “what’s the best sandwich?” There’s no such thing as “the best sandwich”, but there are a range of things you’ll take into account when buying your lunch. Taste, price, size, whether its vegetarian, gluten free, low fat, or spicy could all play into the decision making process. It’s the same with solar panels, so here we talk you through the major considerations to help guide your choice.

We have a sister company that can provide this service of installation in conjunction with our main service of roofing all under our umbrella meaning a one stop shop for all your requirements.